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Introduction to Woodland / Forest Gardening

2 Full Days - Sat 30th and Sun 31st July                             £95.00

Part 1 - Theory

Tutor - Graham Burnett
Experienced, respected and world renowned Vegan Permaculture Design
Teacher from Spiralseed, and author of: -
* Permaculture - A Beginners Guide
* The Vegan Book Of Permaculture

Content -
What is Woodland Gardening / Forest Gardening
Why Woodland Gardening
History - Robert Hart - Ken Fern PFAF- Martin Crawford
Why Perennials
Emulating Natural Systems - 7 Layers
Working in Harmony with Nature
Organic Matter
Minimum Input
Maximum Yield
Woodland Edge
Fertility - Pioneer Species - Comfrey - Green Manures
Land Survey

Includes Vegan Food and Accommodation


Introduction to Woodland / Forest Gardening

2 Full Days Sat 10th and Sun 11th September                   £95.00

Part 2 - Practical

Tutor - Graham Burnett

Content -
Applying what's been learned in terms of design, hands on practical
Open to folks who have or haven't done Part 1 ...
For those who want a recap and / or want practical experience or who
aren't really that interested in studying the theory side and would prefer
to get stuck into a hands on learning experience

Includes Vegan Food and Accommodation
Book 2 parts before 28th of May for the discounted price - £175.00